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    Examinations & Surgery

    patient undergoing eye exam

    Going through surgery can be a frightening event. Here at Eye M.D. of Niceville in Niceville, Florida, we prioritize your level of comfort and ease. When you visit our office, we focus on making you feel safe and relaxed. Whether you're coming in for an annual eye exam or something more complex, like blepharoplasty, our team makes sure you feel protected and secure.

    When your vision problems become more serious, our team can perform any surgery you might need. We perform cataract surgery, eyelid lesion removal, blepharoplasty, and many others. Most of our customers will come to us either from referrals or from other optometrists. Cataract surgery and other complex surgeries are done at Twin Cities Hospital. Any minor surgeries can be done in-house at our office. This service also includes consent forms and surgery counseling so you will know what to expect throughout the entire process. We will talk to you about your options and find the best fit for you. Many patients don't realize your brain compensates for the loss of vision, and they don't realize how bad things were until they can truly see again. We have the latest technology to treat our patients.

    Cataracts - Treatment and Options

    Dr. Ruttig has performed over 5,000 cataract surgeries. Cataract surgeries are performed at Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville, Florida where the latest equipment is used.

    The Aladdin machine pictured is a multi-function instrument that combines a series of measurements to assist eye surgeons in the calculation of IOL power. The Aladdin combines Axial Length, Corneal Topography, Pupillometry, Corneal Diameter and Anterior Chamber Depth in one single instrument, assisting the Eye Surgeon not only in conventional IOL power calculation but also in his or her choice of the right premium IOL for each individual eye.

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    Eyelid Treatment

    eye doctor performing eye exam

    There are a variety of conditions that can cause eyelid problems; diabetes, stroke and tumors to name a few. The most common cause of drooping eyelids is aging without the involvement of any disease. Some drooping eyelids are due to allergies. Steroids or antihistamines may be able help treat. Determining if the condition affects one or both eyelids helps in identifying the cause of the eyelid problem.

    Dr. Ruttig has performed over 1,000 lid surgeries during his career. These are performed at Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville, Florida. They can also be performed in-office depending on the severity of the condition.

    Common Eyelid Conditions:

    • Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid margin, a skin problem affecting the eyelids. It may be caused by bacteria or by other skin conditions such as skin allergies or eczema.

    • Eyelid Ptosis causes a drooping of both upper or lower eyelids. If the eyelids have excessive drooping, this can create peripheral vision problems. The doctor may perform a surgery called Ptosis Repair to provide relief.

    • Dermatochalasis is an excess of skin in the upper or lower eyelids also known as 'baggy eyes'. The doctor may perform Blepharoplasty surgery to remove the excess skin which in affect will not only improve vision but also the appearance.

    • Brow Ptosis is when the eye muscles lose their ability to lift the eyelids fully, and may cause a decrease in peripheral vision. The eyebrow can appear pulled down and is corrected by brow lift surgery.

    • Cysts are a condition where a lump will appear on the eyelids or around the eyes. Some eyelid cysts are caused by an infection which can be painful. If the infection is left untreated long enough, it can adversely affect vision.

    • Ectropion is a condition in which an eyelid turns outward causing dryness or irritation, while Entropionis when an eyelid turns inward making eyelashes and skin rub against the eye surface. Surgery may be needed to fully correct these issues.

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    Laser Therapy and Procedures

    eye facility

    Laser therapy is a medical treatment using a strong beam of light to cut, burn, or destroy tissue. LASER stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." Dr. Ruttig has performed thousands of these procedures. Therapy is done right here in our office for patient's comfort and convenience typically on the same day as a scheduled appointment. There are various types of procedures performed for treatment of the eye.

    Ellex Tango Laser

    Tango combines a proprietary, full featured SLT laser for glaucoma with a precise, powerful YAG laser designed to perform capsulotomy procedures at ultra low energy levels.

    • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) - A simple, yet highly effective laser procedure that reduces the intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma. This procedure is relatively quick, pain free and comfortable for the patient.

    • YAG Posterior Iridotomy (YAG PI) - This procedure is used to treat Narrow angles which can cause loss of vision, pain and headaches. It's a simple procedure that is relatively quick, pain free and comfortable for the patient.

    • YAG Posterior Capsulotomy (YAG PC) - Highly effective and simple procedure to remove the cloudiness that surrounds the capsular bag of the eye that holds the lens used after cataract surgery. Typical symptoms are cloudy or blurred vision. This procedure is relatively quick, pain free and comfortable for the patient.

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